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REELZ Channel

As an in-house designer, I provided almost the entirety of the print collateral for two years, as well as contributing to both on and off-air motion design.

Project Brief

The REELZ Channel is an independent cable and satellite network in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our design team was small, and we often moved between different disciplines. My role focused mainly on print design, with a secondary role as a motion designer. In early 2013 REELZ underwent a rebrand by the Denver firm Friends of Mine. They provided us with an base on-air design package which I extended into the print environment, as well further developing the on-air look and feel.

REELZ Ads Newsprint
REELZ On-Air Calendar
REELZ On Sheet
REELZ Capones Concept A
REELZ Capones Concept B

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