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A bold packaging system that embraces a modern look, while respecting its heritage.

Project Brief

L'Arosteguy is a vineyard in Spain that is salvaging 150 year old vines and delivering a upper mid-range product for European markets. The wines will aim to shine light on forgotten terroirs across Europe. The goal of the L'Arosteguy brand is to have every wine it produces create a sense of place for the consumer by using native grapes, grown in the regions that are best suited to cultivate them. Whether it be a Merseguera from Alto Turia or a Godella from Galicia, L'Arosteguy believes a wine should take you to a specific territory and embody the complex flavors of a specific grape.

The client wanted a package that stood out from the crowd, but showed restraint. The design strategy implements a duplex label with a die cut to reveal a colored sublayer. Additionally, the bottom layer is edge-painted within color system of that line. The labels are specified to be printed on a 100% PCW stock with a nice tooth to help reinforce the perception of quality and care inherent in the product.

L’Arosteguy White and Red Bottles
Label And Neck Collar
L’Arosteguy Peelback
L’Arosteguy Label Closeup
L’Arosteguy Photorealistic Rendering

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