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Skin.love is a fledgling Denver company started by a local aesthetician. The client intends to grow and eventually launch a holistic skincare product line. She required a brand identity system, which was extended across print collateral and a cursory packaging explore to provide a means of understanding the graphic system.

Icon System

Anticipating the client's product line, the decision was made to implement a visual icon system to indicate the different product categories.


The typographic system relies on Neue Haas Unica, brought back to life by Toshi Omagari in 2015. The identity is pragmatic and straightforward, relying heavily on the typeface to convey the feeling of cleanliness and neatness.


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Fontwear is a project I conceived of in late 2013. It focuses on typographic apparel for lovers of type design and typography. The line will start with epononymous hats, with the embroidered logo and extend into screen printed t-shirts. The line will be designed and printed in Denver, Colorado and use apparel made in the United States. Still under development, fontwear will hopefully hit the market before the end of 2016.

Logo Design

The wordmark for FontWear was designed using the established typeface, Alternate Gothic. The initial letter "F" in the wordmark has been modified to help define a unique mark that is readily identifiable and one that is legible at different scales.

When designing the mark, one of the requirements was to have it work well on a label that will be affixed to the clothing. The logo and apparel labels function identically in their application — they visually fold over an edge whether it is on clothing, print or packaging.

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