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Nob Hill Sundial

In a community garden, a sundial casts a shadow to educate children and gardeners alike.

Project Brief

Designed for the Nob Hill Main Street program, the sundial anchors the southeast corner of the Nob Hill Community Garden. The project’s goal was to to be an installation piece that would provide gardeners with an educational tool to learn about what to plant throughout the year, and when to harvest it.

A good gardener knows that planting season is determined by ground temperature, which tends to correlate to the date. Where most sundials function on an hourly basis, the Nob Hill Sundial is unique, in that it functions on a monthly basis. Gardeners simply look at where the shadow is cast by the sundial’s gnomon (the centerpiece that casts the shadow). There are 6 steel bands that are embedded in the 12 foot concrete pad that serves as the sundials base. Users follow band that falls closest to the shadow’s point to an informational tile that describes what activities gardeners should consider planting or harvesting for that month.

The Nob Hill Sundial is a completely analogue system that functions beautifully in the New Mexico sunshine.

Sundial at Winter Solstice
Nob Hill Sundial Winter Solstice Side View
Sundial at Winter Solstice
Sundial Tiles in Concrete
Nob Hill Sundial Solstice Tile
A small lighting model of a sundial
Grid layout of the sundial tiles.
Sundial Logo

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